About My Practice

As a clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience, I enjoy working with anyone seeking relief from the inevitable sufferings of life, e.g., depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma, physical pain, relationship difficulties. I passionately believe you can learn to cultivate positive emotions and authentic happiness, regardless of your circumstances. My work is based on the following principles: (1) the process of healing always takes place in the context of a relationship, (2) that relationship is ideally characterized by trust, support and validation of your experience, and (3) you are not the problem, the “problem” is the problem.
My orientation is mindfulness-based, an approach proven effective by research to promote inner peace and harmony. With mindfulness, you learn to be more aware and accepting of your present experience. This reduces or eliminates suffering as you learn to “observe” rather than be hooked by painful thoughts and emotions.
I am not the kind of therapist who sits silently, nods a lot and asks, “how do you feel about that?” I believe therapy works better when there are two people in the room. I will be active and involved in the process of helping you reach your goals.


Batman revised

Batman, my French Bulldog, accompanies me to work on most days.  Freud had his dog with him during sessions, and I have my handsome 21-pound superhero.  Though not a certified therapy dog, Batman is definitely therapeutic.  He will greet you when you arrive, then sleep through our session.  There is currently a great deal of evidence-based research on the effectiveness of animal-assisted therapy, e.g., reduced anxiety and depression, reduced loneliness, reduced anger, lower stress levels and improved overall health.  If you do not want to meet Batman, or have any resistance to having him in the room, please let me know beforehand.  I will respect your decision.